All that you need to know about Video Marketing!

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What is it?

Online video marketing is the process of promoting a business digitally and attracting more audience by creating videos that are relevant to your business or topic and publishing it to several channels like YouTube, Vine, Instagram Vimeo and Metacafe etc.  Interesting online videos explaining products, sharing developments and innovations, or even the most loved ‘how to’ videos trending the internet spaces these days and have become one of the coolest and most effective way to promote ones business.

Why does a business need online video marketing?

Video allows businesses to create and share remarkable content in the digital marketing sphere with their audience in a way that plain text will never match. Video ads are memorable, engaging, and inspire confidence in your business:

  • 66 percent of consumers will watch a video two or more times when it is information-intensive.
  • People retain 58 percent more information with both visual and auditory stimulation than they do with just standard print ads.
  • Watching a video makes consumers 64 percent more likely to make a purchase from your business.
  • Videos infuse brand loyalty and the capability of a video to go viral ensures that there’s added traffic and awareness regarding your brand.
  • Videos are an effective way for increasing SEO.  Well made precise and to the point videos can increase your search engine ranking, click-through rates, open rates and conversions thus in turn justifying the need for a well thought video marketing strategy.

A report by Social Media Examiner states that 76 %marketers say that they plan to add more videos to their marketing efforts keeping in tune with the changing times to attract more customers and make their businesses gain popularity.  So why should your business stay behind? Get a new online video marketing mix designed for your business today!

What makes a video worth any customer’s time?

Videos are crisp, short and they take barely a few minutes to get across the point at hand. In today’s world, who has the time to spend hours over the written word explaining something, a short video does the same task in the efficient time of a couple of minutes! A combination of production, storytelling, distribution, and timing all play a part in a video receiving dozens or thousands of views. What better reasons do you need to hire an online video marketing company and get yourself a brand new online marketing strategy?

Now that we know how awesome online video marketing is, let’s speak about what are the types of videos that you can use to make your business fun to your customers.

What are the types of Videos I can use to make my business more popular?

With the boom of internet marketing worldwide and a special emphasis on online video marketing, there are hordes of types of videos one can create and develop keeping in accordance with ones business needs. Here are a few:

  • Animated Videos:  Animated videos are fun, highlight your business’s creativity and appeal all age groups. Animated videos easily capture your viewer’s attention with motion graphics and keep them engrossed. You could also try different variations of animations like Flash animation, whiteboard animation, Green screen Videos etc to make your videos more interesting to your customers.
  • Explainer Videos:  Explainer videos have become a part of the online video marketing strategies of many firms. They are interesting and to the point. People love ‘how to’ videos as they explain precisely what the customer wants to know. They effectively answer all queries and behave as an effective teacher without the customer having to go anywhere. Providing your customers this sort of content in such an easy way helps increase your brands loyalty among customers.
  • Testimonial Videos:  Testimonials whether by your clients, your industry partners or even your own team prove to be an asset to your video marketing strategy.  Testimonial videos infuse trust and faith in your business in the eyes of your customers so having testimonial videos always proves to be an asset to your digital marketing mix.
  • Behind the scenes Videos:  Green room videos, behind the scenes videos show the back end of your business via to the customers which they don’t get to see usually! This obviously builds trust and ensures your brands popularity among its customers.  They also show your company as human and make it more accessible to your customers.
  • Instagram Videos:  All major brands nowadays use Instagram Videos as a part of their Internet video marketing mix these days. In fact, 40 percent of the top 1,000 most popular Instagram videos are by major brands. Building and sharing videos on Instagram helps in creating an online community and interest around your business. It shows effectively the spirit of your brand making it popular in front of millions of viewers.
  • Vlogs: Vlogs are Video Blogs. Many celebrities use the concept of Vlogs but it’s beneficial to businesses too. As opposed to Webinars they are short and precise and can be about anything! So use vlogs to promote your online video marketing strategy today.
  • Vine Videos:  Vine with its 6 second videos provide a quick and challenging way to promote your business online within 6 seconds! Big brands have already tapped into the potential that vine videos have to offer. Why stay behind, contact an online video marketing company and make a brand new vine video today!

There are many other forms of videos that you can use and you can device your own categories as well. Keep up with the changing times of the digital marketing era with Online Video marketing!

So that’s was all about online video marketing for now. There’s more to come soon. Till then, get hold of an online video marketing company and ensure that you are in sync with the rest of the market with your own online video marketing mix ready!

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