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Socialize More This 2014

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Out of the 1 billion users that Facebook has, 95 percent of them check their account daily! That makes 95 million people going through Facebook every day. And not only Facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, slideshare and every other social media website has a diverse range of users especially since the boom of the social media where people from all parts of the world are in one or another form of social media.  That fairly asserts that your business’s popularity on social media websites means a lot for your business to do well.

According to a report by Social Media Examiner, 86 percent of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business, up from 83 percent in 2012. It’s fairly obvious that social media will continue to have a significant impact on the way marketers and business owners continue to communicate with consumers on a daily basis.
So here’s what we feel you should be prepared for this 2014:

  • Images will dominate over text:  Think about yourself, what would you likely prefer? A picture of something or a few paragraphs explaining it for you to imagine a mental picture? The answer undoubtedly would be a picture, not only is it an easier way to remember things but it’s also quicker. The rise of social media networks like Tumblr, Slideshare and Pinterest has been largely due to the fact that their focus is on images rather than text. Content is valuable only if it is shared and content that has images is more likely to be shared more than content that’s stuffed with text. So add more pictures to your social media marketing strategy say what you want with images to increase your customer base this 2014!
  • Increased Mobile Usage:  Statistics show that 75 percent of people living on earth have at least one mobile gadget and the number is going up rapidly. It’s almost become impossible to see the world without a Smartphone in the hand of each and every person you meet. Technological advancement with every passing second has ensured that even the simplest of sets are internet savvy. Hence the increasing number of mobile users ever year gives the opportunity for social media marketers to pull up their socks and tap into all the potential that this carries for your social media campaign.
  • Videos Matter: People online use videos all the time nowadays, whether it’s to learn a language or marketing tips. Video marketing is the coolest way to go! Youtube is the leader of the pack with at least a 100 videos uploaded every hour and hence is expected to grow in 2014 as well! Vine is also slowly and steadily gaining prominence! Even on Instagram the double videos have gained popularity. So adopt a better quicker and more appeal social marketing mix today! Have your social media marketing company design new, short and witty videos to add to your customer base!
  • More of Google+:  Google plus is growing rapidly with constant new features that It offers to its users. It is only behind Facebook in the number of visitors it receives monthly! So why is it essential to your business you ask? Not only does Google+ provide a good social media experience but there’s also the aspect of it being the best search engine for your business. Google+ uses social signals to provide an exclusive experience to every single user. Added to that is the concept of Google Authorship and we feel it a great place to promote your business in the social media marketing sphere!
  • Blogging Matters:  Blogging gives you the power to create great content which in turn can direct traffic to your website and in turn increase your sales. Blogging is a smart way to increase leads for your business. So if you don’t have a blog, get one today. Choose a good social media marketing company to create the perfect blog for your website.
  • Market ‘Value’ to Your Customers: To gain a loyal fan base of customers its most important that you provide value to your customers whether it by good content, videos, infographics or email marketing! Your customers are looking for the business that provides them the best value and it is our suggestion you use your social media marketing strategy to give them that!
  • Smaller Websites are on the move: Websites that aren’t as big as Facebook and Twitter are constantly gaining popularity so you cannot ignore them any further when planning your social media campaign. Websites like Myspace and applications like Snapchat are fast gaining popularity! Hence in 2014 any social marketing company cannot afford to ignore the smaller websites while planning your business’ social marketing strategy!

So these were what we feel are the things to keep a track of this 2014 in the social marketing sphere! With the upscale and constant additions of new features and increasing competition be prepared for a horde of new tactics to make social media marketing a great avenue to promote your business online!


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