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Instagram and what it can do for your business.

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15 years ago, did you imagine that you could click, edit, share, post online, have followers and integrate with users all over earth based on photographs that one clicked via a phone camera that too? Instagram has totally changed the face of mobile photography!  With Instagram one has the option of editing pictures which are already on the phone or clicked via the app. Another new feature that they added is that of making and uploading videos which work on the same principal. Instagram has a wide range of filters where one can literally facelift the photo or video and present it to a large list of followers to view and comment upon!

Instagram’s accessibility and user friendliness makes it superbly popular among people, with users adding to its fan following every single day. The count is 130 million active users every day and almost 45 million photos uploaded per day.  But the question is. Why does your business need an Instagram profile? Will it even be beneficial? Here are a few reasons.

Instagram profiles obviously make most sense for businesses that work on photos and videos like internet retailers for clothes, shoes, accessories etc, florists, designers, restaurants, shops, online bakeries, stylists, hairdressers etc. But it also is beneficial for other businesses because being on Instagram keeps you in the eyes of your potential customer base. Instagram is a good platform to build your brands image and make its presence felt especially where it isn’t known yet.

Being on Instagram gives the personal touch one requires in dealing with ones customers. Following your customers, uploading photos and videos of behind the scenes etc help place your brand in the customers’ eyes and also build a personal relation.  Since Instagram doesn’t have the option of overtly advertizing with it, it has the same functionality for an entrepreneur promoting his business and or a father posting snaps of his baby girl. So since the customers or the business owners are basically at the same level on the app, there’s a personal connection that can be worked out.

Good content on Instagram will help gain traffic on your website!  Well thought out and quirky content publicizing your business will help garner more traffic for your website. Products can also be advertised in innovative ways by using the filters that are available in video and photo formats.  Interesting photographs or videos of the products can help gain customer attention.

The fact that it’s a niche platform, that’s also an entity under Facebook since it was acquired by them, gives it the capability to integrate with Facebook and other social media platforms giving more areas to gain popularity for your business.

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On April 23, 2014

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