Facebook and how it matters.

Facebook and how it matters.

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Know anyone not on Facebook? That would be rare wouldn’t it? I so much have even my grandfather on Facebook. Its tech savvy and changing with the age. Social Media, Facebook in particular has emerged as one of the most popular spaces for businesses and their brand management and Why not when he or she or it (your prospective consumer), is Always on Facebook. Fan pages, advertisements, apps, contests, and what not! There’s so much going on that sometimes it’s hard to even keep track. Facebook has crossed the 1 billion users mark already and it’s almost like a directory for business to choose their Target group. Whether ones business has a small or large target audience, Facebook makes it accessible conveniently to address them all at the same time with minimal expenses.

So how can you utilize Facebook to your advantage to increase your business? There are ways abound.
Facebook is huge. Users are many. Hence, many clients. There’s a lot of interaction and ones brand can be publicized by all sorts of ways including word of mouth by users’ interaction with each other. Facebook Likes are a key indicator this. A company’s ‘likeability’ as it’s called can be gauged by Facebook effectively. Businesses employ various ways to see this, contests, free downloads, trial apps, free gifts and great offers.

Facebook applications too have many hooked. Games, contests and horoscope apps are just a few examples. The popularity of Facebook is along all age groups. This gives the opportunity for a universal marketing approach. Facebook pages prove a good ground for product launches and product advertising too via statuses and aptly used photographs or photo advertisements. And one can always mesh other social media on ones Facebook page. Using pictures taken with Instagram to display products, or linking stuff to tweets etc are some of the examples.

Facebook has emerged as one of the most convenient forms of Social Media Marketing in the recent years. With its reach and popularity, there’s always scope to make ones business grow.

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On April 23, 2014

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