Bond it Right.

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So how many Facebook friends do you have and how many do you have in the actual world. Does the number match? Or yet is it anywhere close? The digital world has the scope to give you comfort, doesn’t it? In a weird non emotional semi creepy way. It does.

So what makes you think that it isn’t the same for your business? Why does your business or brand need a page on these websites? That’s the question.

In the way that having a long list of friends on your pages on these websites makes you feel better. In the same way, brands get to connect to an audience over the internet, freely, conveniently and in a matter of seconds. Having pages dedicated only to consumer redressal not only help your brand gain popularity in a matter of seconds it also creates a great image in the market.  Having pages on such websites with good content, provisions for feedback, solving complains within minutes, regular and steady access to information in regard to the brand, are a boon to your business.

The key to a successful page on any of these websites, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, Myspace, Youtube, Hi5, Orkut or any social media site, is just and just good personal contact with the consumer. It’s that emotional connect that you are able to establish with the consumer at the right time, when she/he really needs you to, that is what makes it tick. Whether its prize contests, photos, videos, advertisements, links, or just any other updates you do on your page. Ensure that they are captivating enough to gain the attention of your customer and stay etched in their memories.  Having created a lasting impression on your consumers will work a long way in the creation of a great fan base for your brand.  Social media is able to give your business that social connect with its consumers which although in the virtual world yet is reassuring and long lasting.  Well thought out and worked upon pages on social networking sites have the potential to increase by manifolds your brands image and its profits.


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On April 23, 2014

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