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Angry Birds. Enough said. The popularity that mobile gaming applications have garnered over the years is commendable. Games like Temple Run, Angry Birds, and Subway Surf etc are not only popular with the kids but adults as well. In the new age, gaming whether it’s on play stations, x boxes or mobile phones, it is one of the most popular forms of entertainment.

Mobile applications for android, blackberry, ipad, iphone, tablets etc have changed the face of gaming. There are various sub genres of games and they are not restricted only to the conventional car racing games or the crossword puzzles. Nowadays educational games like little alchemy, great British chef’s kid, memory math town etc have an interactive way to educate and entertain children.

Nowadays gaming is not only restricted to the conventional games. There are games associated to cooking, dress up, design and architecture etc. Money games have always been popular, but business oriented games are emerging as an educative tool as well.

The fun part about gaming is that not only has it become very educational, it also is one of the coolest stress busters one can think of. The niceness of having an app for gaming makes it accessible and popular among many. Everyone has seen the angry bird’s story. There isn’t one product one wouldn’t find in an catchy angry bird avatar whether it may be t-shirts, key chains, toys, lunchboxes, mobile covers and what not.  That’s a success story to think of when designing games. That’s what an app can do for you.

If you are a game developer, what you need is to popularize your game, and no other platform is as ‘in’ as the mobile and social media applications space today.

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On April 23, 2014

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