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Digital Marketing: WHAT IS IT?

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Ever wondered why a certain product topped the chart the other day and the very next day its position is down. Well, the answer is digital marketing, where the internet meets the new form of media such as cell phones, tablets even video games. Trend setters’ change every day and they must be changing as you read this article, so is their brand value which determines sales trend and the strategy for next day of a particular product. Marketers are tapping the mood of the consumer everyday with their mouse click as to what is being viewed and for how long, content that is working or not etc. World around us changes in real time in split seconds and so the electronic devices  such as smart phones , electronic billboards keep us updated throughout. A constantly evolving field, Digital marketing helps in reaching out to a large audience enabling the brand strategy to also constantly evolve.  Digital marketing is the rock n roll genre of the marketing industry which sets the mood and makes u tap on the road, office, home, college etc.

Digital marketing involves different channels for dissemination of information like T.V, Radio, mobile, internet, electronic billboards etc. New world of digital marketing involves mobile apps, wireless texting, blogs, and digital advertising etc which often pulls the customer towards the product. Products and services are reviewed in real time and not only the consumer gets to know about what company says about it but also what their peers, friends , relatives have to say about it.

Life of the consumers has benefitted from it tremendously and with the mobile apps, blogs, discussion forums the companies are interacting directly face to face with the customer and there is nothing to hide because internet has made the world so small that the same product can be reviewed by people in different countries.

The Usage of different marketing channels may sometime confuse the consumer or the marketer but the fun part is that it has created different two way communication processes in which both remain with each other in some or the other way and which comes cheap as it requires just an internet connection and brain storming of different ideas about the particular product or services. Enormous volumes of data collected by the marketer enables him/her to actually go inside the consumer’s mind and dig deep and plan the perfect positioning of its brand. So digital marketing creates a ready steady go kind of a situation for small endeavors to large enterprises.

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On April 23, 2014

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